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100X Podcast | Kingdom Entrepreneurship

May 31, 2021

As the 100X family, we are known for many things, but one thing we hear often is how shocked people are when they step into our community.

Within a matter of hours or even minutes, it's like you are reunited with your long-lost family. Total strangers from around the world all coming together under one King. 

It truly...

May 28, 2021

Marketing is so important for every Kingdom Entrepreneurs. Marketing your product or service is the on-ramp to finding the people you are called to impact and serve. 

That is why mastering this skill should be one of your top priorities in the outer game!

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May 26, 2021

Sales and offers are crucial for business. Without them, we just have a hobby or passion project.

However, it can be nerve-wracking and out of your comfort zone to pitch your first, second, third, or even 100th offer. 

In this episode, Pedro Adao shares 2 ways you can pitch your product or service with a "no pressure"...

May 24, 2021

The biggest names in your industry are running ads to the masses, why would you want to be in that conversation?

Niching down and targeting a specific audience is key in business but many fail...why? 


It takes crate humility to niche down and stop for the one. 

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May 21, 2021

As Kingdom Entrepreneurs, we know that wisdom is key for reigning in life and in business. 

In this episode, listen in to this backstage conversation with Pedro Adao and Dan McCollam from the 31 Day Wisdom challenge. 

You will hear how wisdom is the starting place, but we need knowledge and understanding to keep your...